Why Bother Blogging?

Clients often want to know what purpose there is to blogging.  “Why bother” they often ask – “isn’t it just something else I have to find time to do – and anyway, what would I say?”

I guess there is no purpose to blogging – especially if you are not interested in where your website ranks in a Google search.  You wouldn’t bother if you don’t care about your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

No purpose if you don’t care about sharing or promoting your expertise in your market place.

A complete time waster if you don’t want new clients or to allow people to find you or your business.

Ridiculous concept if there’s no reason to talk to your existing customers – especially when you consider that it takes, on average $300 to secure a new customer – why bother talking to the old ones via a blogging newsletter??? Crazy waste of time…..

No really….What do I say when asked about blogging?

Blogs are a powerful way to:

  • communicate with your market,
  • improve your organic search engine optimisation,
  • promote your expertise,
  • utilise your keywords on your website for a Google search and
  • allow potential customers and clients to find you.

Many clients are often stumped at what they might say in a blog.  For this reason, we actually offer an hour’s webinar (from the VSM website) sharing content tips and ideas for your business, as well as helping you to create a blogging schedule that is sustainable and works for your business.

Blogging is such an economic way to reach your market, why wouldn’t you blog.

Turning social media to business profits.

Meredith Collins

Social Media Strategist



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