Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Why is it so important?

Search engine optimisation, in short, known as ‘SEO’ – why is it so important? There are a few reasons why SEO is so important for your website and your business. Not having a properly optimised website is absolutely vital if you want to succeed online.

Importantly, it is imperative to realise there are different types of SEO, and they all need to be implemented properly if you want to achieve the ultimate goal of succeeding online.

If you want your website to rank well in the search engines for your chosen keywords, then you need to know how search engine optimisation works. Basically, SEO is can be divided into two categories which are:

On-Page SEO – this is the first step to SEO improvement. How can the search engines deem your pages relevant to your keywords if you have not made it clear to them what your page is about? Search engines rank websites according to their authority and relevance to the search terms as well as their authority on the web.

Off-page SEO – this refers to your site’s overall “authority” on the web, which is determined by what other websites say about your site. Off-page SEO is about building inbound links from relevant websites. This process needs to be done consistently if you want to see great results.

Following are some excellent reasons why SEO is so important to your business:

  • Over 70% of Australians use the internet as a research tool when looking to find a specific product/service – Think about this for a minute – that is 70% of potential clients in your specific market
  • Google is the most popular search engine of choice for more than 80% of users
  • These people searching are typing in keywords or phrases that are as specific to the product/service they are looking for, therefore, this is targeted traffic to your website
  • Most people look at the first ten search entries that are listed on page one of the Google results – it is important to note that these people will now determine which site they will visit according to where your site is positioned on this page as well as how well you present them with the best description on what product/service they need.

This is why SEO is so important, you need to realise that these people have made the first step of searching for your product/service, these potential customers are 50 – 60% serious about buying your product/service.

You can understand why it is crucial for you to have your website optimised properly. Would you be happy if all these potential customers were going to your competitors? Think of what this would do to your bottom line if they were all visiting your website.

If you want to increase your bottom line and start getting the results you deserve, please give us a call today and see how we can help you stay ahead of your competitors. At Sydney Web Consultants we understand why search engine optimisation is so important for the success of your online business.


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