Designing an Effective Website Is Important

Whether you are designing a new website or giving your existing website a facelift, there are many important factors that can make a huge difference in how effective you are in presenting your business to the world. Web design is constantly changing and it is important to keep up with the latest concepts of what works.

The term “SEO” is thrown around routinely amongst people on the Internet, so it is crucial that you understand what this means, and how it can help you get on top – and stay there. The term is an acronym for “search engine optimisation”, which essentially involves placing words within the text of your site that will make it more visible to major search engines. Most people search the Internet by typing in the words that will bring them to websites that offer goods or services that they are looking for.

Make sure that you know the words and phrases that best identify what you have to offer, and sprinkle them liberally throughout your site, but do not overstuff your content with keywords. Make sure that you submit your website to the major search engines, which is usually a service you can access through your web hosting provider.

The visual layout of your new website will determine how long potential customers will actually stay there.  Having flash looks fantastic, however it is highly recommended that you avoid this at all costs, especially if you want Google to find you as well as making sure your site loads quickly. Flash websites do not load quickly and cannot be found by the spiders that Google send out.

Another important point is to remember that creative fonts are fun to work with, but do not usually lead to effective presentation. Stick with standard fonts that are easy to read and portray a professional business approach. Those who purchase products on the Internet will feel more comfortable if you appear to be legitimate.

Choose a layout that is interesting, yet not too flashy. Make sure that it has the capacity to be updated easily, and has all the features, which will highlight your products in a positive way. Add a blog as this is another way to keep your potential clients/customers informed of what is going on in your business, remember to update it regularly. Customers like to feel that they know who they are doing business with, and appreciate the time you take to talk about your business and your products.

Chat easily about featured items, and give information that would not normally be included in standard product descriptions. Suggest how the product or service could be used in creative ways.

It is very important that visitors to your website are able to navigate easily from page to page, and return to previous pages through an easy one step click. Place buttons throughout each page that bring them back to where they can review and purchase.

You have two options available to you when creating or updating your website:

  1. Do it yourself, or
  2. Hire a professional that will ensure that every aspect is done properly so that you can maximise your sales or service offerings

Remember, that by understanding the basic concepts of an effective website will lead to an online presence that will turn into profits. Your website is an investment in your business, so make sure you do it properly to get the best results. Sydney Web Consultants are here to help and offer a free consultation to help you move your business forward. Give us a call today.


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