Huge Savings with your Electricity lighting bills – UP TO 90% SAVINGS.

Huge Savings with your Electricity lighting bills – UP TO 90%  SAVINGS.

Latest in lighting technology is here and to save you money on your power bills we can assist you.

We at LED Lighting Concepts have a passion to help consumers ,businesses(commercial, industrial, warehouses) and government departments reduce the impact on the environment and SAVE money on their electricity power bill by changing their conventional lighting to energy efficient L.E.D lighting and Induction lamps. Most of our lamps are retrofit and there is no need to change fittings and fixtures.Our high quality L.E.D technology will enable the transition from current wasteful lighting to energy-efficient L.E.D alternatives, without making concessions on lighting needs.We have researched to find the best suppliers of L.E.D bulbs, down lights, tube lights, High Bay lights and more, who have undertaken extreme testing so that we can provide you with L.E.D lights and accessories which will last.L.E.D Lighting Concepts is committed to providing quality, sustainable products that are a direct replacement for incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs and fixtures. You will be buying L.E.D products from a company that has actually used and installed the products and not one that just buys them and puts them on a shelf.L.E.D Lighting Concepts puts sustainability at the centre of the design process, and takes it from there. Our company develops innovations that help consumers and businesses to reduce their CO2-footprint and save energy by replacing traditional lighting with super energy efficient L.E.D technology.The advantages of L.E.D lighting are bigger than energy savings alone.

Costs for maintenance and replacement are both reduced, while performance is enhanced.

L.E.D Lighting Concepts products are characterized with low energy consumption, high light output, long lifespan and low heat generation. L.E.D Lights will SAVE you on your air conditioning bills and also reduce the risk of fire in your house and business.

L.E.D lights provide a more efficient, cost saving and environmentally friendly way to light up homes and businesses.

They contain no Mercury or Lead, use up to 90% less energy and have an average life span of up to 50,000 hours.

Induction lamps will last up to 100000 hours and will save you up to 50% on your electricity lighting bills.

It’s a win-win situation. Save $$$ off power and maintenance bills and at the same time decrease your carbon footprint with more efficient L.E.D and Induction lights!

Other advantages of using these lights:

Save Thousands of Dollars on Running Costs With electricity prices on the rise, Why keep paying more & more money to energy companies to run your inefficient power hungry lighting!
Better Lighting Quality Our lights maintain higher illumination levels and enhanced colour rendering (CRI) for up to FIVE times longer than conventional lighting systems. The result is a brighter work environment, enhanced corporate image, improved safety and improved staff morale.
Reduce Carbon Emissions By dramatically reducing the amount of electricity wasted running standard inefficient lighting systems, your carbon footprint is slashed. Reducing Greenhouse gas & other toxic emissions released into the atmosphere in the process of providing electricity to your business.
Increase Productivity It has been proven time & time again…Better workplace lighting consistently results in increased  productivity, improved morale and a safer work environment. The flow through benefits for your business can be hundreds of times greater than all the other savings put together!
Reduce Maintenance Costs The illumination or “Brightness” levels produced by our lighting systems remain consistent for up to FIVE times longer than most conventional lighting systems. Put simply, the result is far fewer lamp changes and a much smaller maintenance spend. Conventional lighting s will lose up to 70% of their brightness in as little as 12months! Our lighting systems use readily available lamp types so when it does come time for a lamp replacement, you have a far greater choice at a greatly reduced cost!
Increased Functionality Our lighting systems put the control over your lighting back into your hands. With our Instant ON feature there’s no more waiting in the dark while your lights warm up to full brightness.This feature often means sensor control systems can control sections or all of your lighting system, further reducing running costs AND slashing payback time.
Increase your Expansion Capacity Reducing your demand for energy by investing in an our lighting system can often dramatically increase your businesses capacity for future expansion. For some businesses lighting upgrade can be the difference between an expensive electrical upgrade! For other’s it maybe the difference between an expensive relocation to a site with more power available…And remember, when you finally do relocate. Like your other business equipment & systems, your fully transportable lighting system can relocate with you!

We supply and Install L.E.D : bulbs, down lights, tube lights, high bay lights, aquarium lights, strip lights, garden lights, waterproof lights, underwater lights, LED accessories, LED drivers, street lights, wall washer lights, stage lights, DMX controlled lights, L.E.D torch, wall, ceiling lights, Induction Lamps and also can design and manufacture to your requirements.

Best Quality, Latest Technology, Best Designs & competitive Prices.

We will not be beaten on prices with like for like comparisons. All our products are manufactured, tested and certified to Australian and New Zealand standards, have SAA, C-Tick and TUV approvals.



Light when and where it is needed!  Our concept is to only use it when you need it, where required & how to use the new L.E.D & Induction lighting technology to change the way we use energy to create light.

Look up to see what you are using in your homes and businesses and ask us how you can save on your electricity lighting bills.



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