BNI SPIRIT is a lively and spirited group of business owners who meet weekly at Liverpool Golf Club, Lansvale.  The aim of our meeting is develop relationships and an understanding of every business, in order to pass referrals to each other.

If you want to grow your business by being part of a friendly group that basically does all it can to increase you bottom line, we can help you.

Within the ranks of BNI Spirit, we currently pass more than 100 referrals within the Chapter  per month.  More importantly,  monthly revenue goal of $200,000 per month is met and exceeded.

What does this mean to a member business?  It means that every business represented within the BNI Spirit Chapter has as many as 40+ sales people working for them.  40+ BNI Spirit members, committed to finding referrals and helping to generate income, for each and every  business.

The philosophy and aim of BNI allows local small to medium sized businesses members to push referrals your way in a competition free networking environment.

In other words, if you’re a graphic designer, no other graphic designer can join your group. This gives you an enormous advantage to increase sales and referrals.


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