The Team

Kendra Strudwick
InspirAction Coaching
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Frank Alvaro
Alvaro Edwards
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Max Pagnin
Altura Financial Planning
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 Sue Kennedy
Sydney Web Consultants
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Zazeh Morfettis
A Total Approach
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Brad Tonks
Lawler Partners
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David Commazzetto
All Security Technology
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Nick De Bellis
Busy Bookkeeping
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Vince Gioiello
The Protectors Insurance Brokers
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Joe Romeo
Macquarie Real Estate
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Phil Raish
Wild FX Signs & Graphics Co.
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  1. Hello eveyone
    I would just like to thank all my fellow members of BNI spirit for there support through 2011!
    You are a great bunch of people to have on my team, Have a safe & happy Christmas
    Jeff Gough

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